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Chris Anderson's List

Chris Anderson also spoke at the HP Discover event last week where he presented an inspiring list of the things the young people now entering the workforce want / expect.  He was careful to point out that with considering the current reality that these things can be delivered through employee owned devices (phones) that the new creative class will get these things whether employers deliver them or not.

Top 10 expectations of the new creative class:

  1. Mobility...work anywhere but still have hallway conversations and other serendipity
  2. Openness...don't even try to hide the truth or even spin it
  3. Technology is a personal statement...what is your tech saying about you?
  4. Featherweight apps...do one thing very well...less is more
  5. Cloud first...they don't care how hard it is to get there from here...they are already there
  6. Sync...Dropbox...ambient communication that just works
  7. Social Media...Dunbar limit hits media.
  8. Unstructured in a structured way...Evernote
  9. Security, trust and scale matters...gmail 2 step verification 
  10. Blurred lines forever...wherever you go, there you are.

Sounds awesome to me.  Where to I sign up!  Hire the new creative class!