Maris Pearl

I am the caretaker the Maris Pearl, a tug boat built in WWII.  We do our best to keep her going.  A few people ask about it, so here are some pictures and some info. 

The basics on the boat are:

  • LOA: 94
  • Beam: 26
  • Draft: 13
  • Displacement: 350 tons
  • Power:  1944 Enterprise 8.  Click here for more about the engine.

The history we know is:

  • Built 1944 by US Navy
  • Decommissioned in 1976 and sold to Crowley
  • Operated by Crowley as the harbor tug Sea Fox -- mostly in San Francisco Bay until 1990.
  • Served in the Valdez oil spill clean up.
  • Sold to Seattle owner in 1996
  • Purchased by us in 1999.