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Jeffrey's Law

Jeffrey's Law:  We will always want more than Moore.

This Jeffrey is Jeffrey Katzenberg of DreamWorks fame, and he shared at the HP Discover conference last week that does not think that Moore's law is moving quite fast enough for his needs.  Moore's law is propelling the computers so fast that most computer people think that the pace of change will not be sustained for much longer than this year and next. But Mr. Katzenberg is not saying that he thinks it is going to slow down, he believes that even if the computer industry does continue to double the number of transistors on a chip every year -- it will not be fast enough growth for him.

What he knows, after 40 years in the movie business, is that every time the computers get faster, he thinks of even more ways to use that speed.  And soon computers are going to be using computers to make movies...

He explained that every animated movie now has 3 billion renditions, and takes 400 people 5 years to make.  So I can see his point:  Gordon Moore, despite his amazing foresight, is just not moving fast enough for Jeffrey Katzenberg.