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Should Google Add Some Polish?

Yesterday on This Week in Google, Leo Laporte and his tech friends were reviewing the first day of Google i/o.  The TWIG panel recounted how over 5,000 developers showed up and overwhelmed the event (and the WiFi -- which is pretty funny for a cloud company), and how the content of the event was dense even for its target audience of developers, and how there seemed to be a significant lack of coordination as Google blog posts were going live during the keynote that had no correlation to the keynote messaging.

It was at this point the Leo said all of this rough around the edges stuff was good because a Google with too much polish would be scary.  Forgive the very loose (not direct quote) account here.  Please do listen to the podcast if you want the actual dialog.

This brings up a very interesting idea in marketing.  There is a continuum that spans from accessible and not polished to not-accessible and very polished.  Google seems to be taking up residence on the accessible end and Apple on the other end.  Where do you position your company?  I would argue that trust is highly correlated to accessibility and that if you want your customers to trust you -- don't get too polished.