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Google Enterprise Keeping Score

There has been a good deal of press and even more talk about Google taking on Microsoft in the Enterprise.  Last week Google made a post to its Enterprise blog about a channel partner that left the Microsoft channel program in favor of the Google Apps channel program.  In fact the post is guest written by the company doing the switching.  Clearly the chance to be featured on the Google Enterprise Blog is big for a young small company.

The most dangerous part of this to Microsoft is that Microsoft will not even notice.  The partner in question probably does not even show up on Microsoft's radar.  

Losing a partner to the competition, no matter how small, is a problem.  Losing a partner that specializes in migrating to Google Apps and Amazon Services is a problem.  Google is chipping away at the edges of Microsoft's channel partner relationships.

Google i/o starts today in SFO.  So I suspect we are going to see a bunch of stuff like this during the week.