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The Dinosaurs Have No Money

One of the best ways to move a large marketing organization from unmeasured marketing to measured marketing is to test everything and kill the things that cannot prove their value -- then move that budget to things that can prove their value.

This is not new, every sizable marketing organization has been doing this for at least a decade.  This reality translates to a great deal of disruption -- even if the overall budget is only changing slightly.  

The same thing is happening in the labor market.  Our unemployment rate is stuck at 10%, but 3.2 million new jobs were created in August.  This number cannot be evaluated without also looking at the job separations -- also 3.2 million.  So no net new jobs -- no change in unemployment rate.

Some would say that nothing is happening in either marketing or employment.  I say that a great deal is happening.  For every dinosaur company that is letting people go, there is a rising company hiring.  For every dog of a marketing idea getting killed, there is a new one starting up.

The next time you hear "we have no budget for that" remember that somewhere else someone is saying "let's do it!".

LATER:  Jobs numbers just out:  95,000 net jobs lost in September.