DBV Overview

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David were pretty good at capturing the spirit of things in plain language.  Morty and Helen, Jerry’s parents in the show, lived in Del Boca Vista and Jerry called it the place “where older people go to die”.  

We want our retirement to have a bit more well, life in it!  So we are starting our own Del Boca Vista experience.  

Defining Our Del Boca Vista

We want to live:

  1. With FUN people,
  2. With an awesome VIEW, and
  3. With great PLACES we can walk to.

We are on the move to find condo buildings that meet #2 and #3 above, so that when the time is right the people from #1 can start buying!  


Envision a 20 unit condo building about as old as we are, in West Seattle, that is all beat up but close to the beach.  We start now with each of us buying units when available, and renting them out.  Later, we fix up the building and move in ourselves.

Something that looks like this:


And has a view like this:


And where we can walk to this: