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Launching the Del Boca Vista Project

Lindsey and I are excited to be launching the Del Boca Vista project today.  Don't get too excited yet because so far it is all talk!  Action will follow soon though, as we search for the first ideal condo building.

The idea is simple. Over the next several years, individuals in the Del Boca Vista Project will buy condos in the same building -- creating the best neighborhood ever!  Early buyers will rent out their units while the neighborhood is forming and the building is being improved.  Ultimately, we will each have a nice place to call home, with great neighbors, and a good investment.

We plan to pool our efforts so the work of buying, renovating, and renting out the units is as easy as possible.  We know many questions need to be answered.  Who will buy the first unit?  How do we make sure Del Boca Vista people are not bidding up each other in the purchase process?  What if we never get complete control of the building?  What if we get control but cannot agree on the improvements?  These are all good questions we will be working together to address in the months ahead.

If you have thoughts, feel free to contribute to the conversation in the comments below.  If you know of someone that we should include in the Del Boca Vista Project, please have them sign up here.

Sincerely Yours,

Jay and Lindsey