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America In Decline?

Here is a great post by Umair Haque about the decline of America.  If you are not inclined to read the whole thing, I will offer up these quotes to spur you on:

"In 2010, Chinese companies: 391 I.P.O.’s, worth $89.5 billion. American companies: 99 I.P.O.’s worth $15.69 billion."

"America's creating two kinds of jobs: McJobs and MegaJobs--with nothing in the middle."

"...you get a Ponziconomy. One where it's possible to "profit" without having done anything of enduring value."

Needless to say he puts his weight on the side of America in Decline.

I agree that our current course and speed point to a doomsday.  However, I do not think we are done course correcting and am not inclined to count Americans out.  We have been doing a good job of raising awareness and with any luck we will all agree soon that we need to do something drastic.  

It is going to be a long road back.