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The DVR Killed the Superbowl (for me anyway)

I admit that I am not a big pro football fan.  Either way, I have always enjoyed big sporting events and the drama leading up to them.  The Masters, the US Open (Tennis or Golf), and the Rose Bowl were always on my TV watching calendar.  

A few years back I started using a DVR and did so for the sporting events too.  At least half the time I knew the outcome before watching the game -- how can one avoid knowing who won the superbowl withing 5 minutes of the end of the game?

Part of my interest was certainly the big personalities involved, and the way the story unfolded.  Another part comes from the fear of missing the best game ever.  Believe it or not, there was a time not long ago when if you missed the game that went into overtime -- you really did miss it.  You got to read about it in the paper but the chance to experience it yourself was lost.

We are clearly not in that time anymore.  Knowing that I can go back and see the best game ever -- any time I want -- has left me with just about no interest in watching the game.  I am not exactly sure how that happened.

I find myself reading much more now that the DVR killed the Superbowl.