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A380 Spotting

I am sitting here in the Delta Lounge at Narita waiting to board my plane for home.  Hardened travel veterans all around me.  Who else would be here on Christmas week?  In rolls an AirFrance Airbus 380.  I knew they were making them, but I had lost track of whether they had been put in service.  

The thing pulls up right in front of me between two 747s and everyone reaches for their cameras.  If you have not spent much time flying in Asia, the 747 still rules here.  Even if it was introduced in 1969.  From my seat I can see 12 planes.  All of them are widebodies, 6 are 747s, a DC10, two A340s, 3 777s, and the A380.  
Ever since I few on a 707 to Manila in 1970 I have been a student following the planes.  I don't know if anyone else was into knowing the difference between the planes: they were pretty much all Boeing planes back then; probably didn't even get me 7 year old street cred, but I was into it anyway.

It is cool to see others marvel at this flying beast.  It just pulled up right in front of my window.