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Getting Organized for 2013

So February ends next week, making the year 1/6th over.  No time like the present to get organized for the year!  So I have changed the look and feel of this website and am putting some structure to the writing that I do.  

Here is a directory to the places that I will be posting things starting in 2013:

  • CSG Channels:  I run a company that offers marketing services to technology companies.  Accordingly, most of the posts on the jaycleon.com website have been tagged "Technology Marketing".  In 2013 you will find most of my thoughts about our services on the CSG Channels Blog.
  • New Trade Routes:  This year I started New Trade Routes to explore three focus areas including Integrated Systems, Virtual Currencies, and Vendor Relationship Managment.
  • New Trade Routes Foundation:  NTR is going to have a foundation and I am going to post most of my thinking about philanthropy there.
  • IN-Justice American Style: I find that these days just about everything I do somehow involves lawyers and our legal system.  So I am starting a new section of my web site called Injustice American Style -- where I will post thoughts about legal things.
  • My Blog: And in fact my blog will still get posts about all of the other things I write about including books, movies, politics, economics, sailing, boating and all kinds of other ramblings.

For 2012 and before you will have to wade through the jumbled mess of the blog on this site.