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Lance Wants The Money

Lance knows he did it and so does everyone else.  Nike knows it and they are sticking with Lance, and Oakley and Budweiser too.  Good thing I switched to Coors this summer.

Now I have been known to go over the speed limit.  When my kids say: “Daaad!” I say that it is best not to get caught speeding, but I do it anyway.  When I do get caught however, I pay the ticket.  I don’t put my fingers in my ears and say “LALALALALA”, skip my court date and then say I wasn’t speeding.  It is true that everyone else was doing it too and I was just stupid enough to get caught.  But speeding I was.

Lance Armstrong won 7 Tour de France titles because he was better at doping than everyone else that was doping -- of which there were many people I’m sure.  He is not a great athlete, he is a great doper.  

I would guess that Lance is trying to hang on to prize money and endorsement money that he won by breaking the rules and weaseling out of it better than the other guys.  I hope that in the end the lawyers drain him dry.  Maybe then the sponsors will bail too.   If Lance was really going to LiveStrong - he would give back the titles and the money and do what he can to inspire the next generation to seek victory on the training track instead of in the lab.

Any advertiser that chooses to stand by Lance now should have its head examined.

The NY Times Lays Out the Facts.

Ad Age reporting the Nike, Oakley, and Anheuser-Busch stick with Lance.

The Wall Street Journal wants Lance to get out of the grey.

Best Quote:  

He could have chosen to go to arbitration, which would have meant that witnesses could testify against him in a hearing possibly open to the public. Instead, he chose to bow out of the process.

in the NY Times.