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Speaker Summary: Jen Mueller

Jen Mueller,  Roots Sports Reporter spoke to Emerald City Rotary yesterday on "Overcoming Communication Obstacles".  What does one do when women expect conversations to be 2 hours and men expect 10 minutes?  Talk in 15 second pieces.  Mueller's presentation was full of practical advice that anyone could put into practice right away.  Clearly she knows how to communicate effectively and she made it look easy to keep the audience engaged.

Here are a few other pieces of sound advice:

When doing anything make sure to:

  • Have a specific strategy
  • Exploit your opponent's weakness
  • Develop a specific plan of attack

Leave nothing to chance. 

The length of the perfect conversation: 2 hours or 10 mins?

  • Break your comments into 15 second increments - about 3 sentences
  • Men want information 
  • Women want connection

Conversations need to be productive:

  • Have connection points
  • Build rapport 
  • Create an opportunity for follow up

All together Jen Mueller was a terrific presenter.  You can learn more about her here