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Dear Microsoft (or anyone): Please Make This

I have written a bunch about how Microsoft should just focus on the enterprise.  However, if they are committed to the consumer -- I this is what I would want:  the iTunes of PC management -- maybe it could be called iPC.

I think Windows 7 is great.  Each of the two times it was installed on my machine it ran great.  Well it did for a month or so anyway.  After a while it just seems to get full, and like someone that can breathe in but not out.  Once it gets that full feeling everything seems to slow down.

But wipe the thing clean and it smokes again.  Unfortunately, to wipe it clean is a 3 or 4 day process.  Half a day to find the my files all over the thing and back them up, half a day to reinstall the main applications, a couple of days to chase down the other apps as I discover I still need them.  I am getting better at keeping track of all of my software license keys and install files, but the install, update, configure process is taxing.  Yes I do know about the rollback feature, but it has never worked well for me.  I go back to a prior point but the bloat hangs on and the performance really does not seem to change.  The last time I did the wipe and reinstall I got 10GB of disk space back!

So I would like someone to make iPC – essentially a parallel to iTunes that would run my computers.  One of the things I like about my iPad and my iPod Touch is that any time I want I can wipe the device and reinstall everything – in just a few minutes – push restore and faster than rebooting a Windows machine my iPod is completely reinstalled.

I think it would work like this: An application that would run on my desktop, backs up in the cloud, and keeps track of everything I install on my machine from the "App Store".  It would enable me to wipe my machine clean and reinstall everything with just one push of a button – it would be an infinitely better experience.

Now the insiders are going to say either: we have that already or we tried that already.  To that I say -- if it exists sign me up, and come on already -- Bob was 15 years ago!  Let's try again.