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Thinking Like the Customer

Here I am wanting to catch a little World Cup or Wimbledon action before I start in on my Saturday list.  The broadcast of sports events on the web has come a long way -- but still has a long way to go.  I remember watching with amazement when the Masters first started putting real time scoring on the web -- how cool was that!

There is no question that I am not a big time sports enthusiast.  I am not so deep in the pursuit of these activities that I already know what is going on, or that I am willing to go through a whole bunch of effort just to see a few minutes of a match.  In essence, I am a customer available for the catching -- but you are going to have to make it easy, and explain everything.

One thing I do not have memorized is the time difference between here and South Africa.  Sure I can easily find out by going to a world clock website.  But as a possible new customer, does FIFA really want to send me away from their site to figure out the time difference?  They do a great job of putting the time of the next match right on the web site, but they do not say what time it is in South Africa now. 

They could learn from the Wimbledon team.  Right there on the site they show the local time in Wimbledon, and my local time.  Thinking like the customer I see.  Clearly this is not a technical feat.  Just a simple example of understanding what it would be like to be somewhere other than where the event is occurring.  

Wait.  I still cannot figure out when the next match is going to be held -- because they do not say what time the match is starting!  So close.  I am sure the argument is that the matches play in order and they do not know the exact time -- well then, why don't they say it follows some other match.  

Come on people! I am going to mow the lawn now.  No more eyeballs for you.