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Are You Twittering or Communicating?

During the Channel Management Summit this week it was no surprise that we ended up talking about social media.  It was interesting that we got onto the thread of how we talk about what we are doing in social media.  When using Twitter, we have a tendency to think of our activity as using Twitter, or Twittering, or Tweeting.  In fact we are really communicating with our followers.  

This tracks back to an earlier concept I wrote a post about:  The difference between the How and the What.  In this case the what is:  communicating, the how is using Twitter.

When we insert this concept into the context of channel marketing, we would do better to talk about what we are doing more than the how we are doing it.  Marketers have always had multiple ways to communicate with their customers or partners -- many hows.  Twitter is just one of those hows.  

Credit due:  Axle Shultze of the Social Media Academy deserves credit for bringing up this point.