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Another Layer on the Silos

Is it just me or does it seem like the big vendors are isolating themselves even further?  Here are the events that I can remember from the last few weeks that point to this trend:

Apple pushes Adobe away:  The old folks remember that Pagemaker, made by Aldus and acquired by Adobe, was the killer business application on the Apple platform.  But hey, that was a long time ago.  Steve Jobs clearly thinks they can make it without Adobe on their team.

Apple Sues HTC to Kill Android:  Some say that android is now the most expensive phone operating system because HTC had to go to Microsoft for patent protection and then Microsoft shot at Google for Android -- pushing the cost of Android up to as much as $40 per device -- and none of the money goes to Google.

HP buys Palm, Kills the Win7 tablet, gives its partners an anti Cisco ultimatum:  I guess if you are going to start shooting, you might as well shoot at everyone.  

Dell pushes the fear button on Cisco:  Look for Dell to come out with networking gear soon because their PR machine is on the anti Cisco track.  Funny because Dell and HP are always going at each other, and HP is all over Cisco, you would think that Dell would line up with Cisco.  Nothing like fighting wars on multiple fronts.

Things are getting hot in tech!

LATER: Jim Jubak on MSN Money had a similar thought.