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Facebook Blocks Out the Sun

Here is an amazing graphic that shows how Facebook's privacy settings have changed since 2005.  I would say it was day in 2005 and closing in on night now -- who knows what is next.  

There is no shortage to people giving the thumbs down to Facebook these days -- we just may be at the inflection point where something else takes the stage. I have been following the tech pundits/journalists and most of them seem to be souring on Facebook:   Leo Laporte, Dave Winer, Jeff Jarvis, Steve Gillmore, and their peers all seem to be giving the Facebook "like" idea a thumbs down.  

So, what next?  Even Mark Pincus is turning away -- and he (Zynga) has benefited from Facebook more than anyone other than Zuck himself!

Could it be time to start taking back identity management with a service like ClaimID?