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Death by Home Video

The iPad has been praised for its handling of video including comparisons of the iPad screen at arms length to a giant TV across the room.  I agree Netflix does look great and you can watch YouTube and TV on the iPad.  

However, like everyone else with an iPad, I had created use cases in my mind prior to purchase that were just fantasies.  The one I was really hoping for was the ability to watch home videos easily.  I am not sure why I was thinking this because the rockiest parts of my relationship with Apple have been over video.  I have never really understood Quicktime, and the codecs are a mystery to me.  In fact, after a full switch over to Apple at home a few years ago, it was video that sent me back to the Windows platform.  The final straw was the leap to iMovie 08 from iMovie 6 where Apple just said -- we are starting over and so are you.  I said forget it.

Do I have a synapse missing that makes it impossible for me to decipher home video in the land of Steve?  Does everyone else do this easily and I just don't get it?  

If I am not alone  -- then home video could be the thing that breaks down a wall of Steve's garden.  It does seem like video is getting bigger and soon may be too big for Apple to force into their little box.