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Moore's Law Gets A Bonus Game

I am not sure how many extra games Moore's law has already used up, but if the latest press release by HP is to be believed - the law that explains the endless growth in the technology industry just hit double bonus and the end is once again beyond our perception.

The funny thing is that if you search for nano technology and chips the results are all HP -- announcing every year or two that the whole world is going to change from their inventions.  I suppose it is possible that these predictions have all come true and the PR machine at HP has just not capitalized on the follow up press.  The alternate truth may be that HP announces all kinds of cool science -- that just cannot find its way into real applications.

This time it is "memristors" and a published article in the journal Nature which outlines the latest advancement by HP scientists.  It is a good thing too because a consensus was building that the we had extracted just about all of the miniaturization and optimization that we could.  Memristors however look to be at least a 10X improvement -- so if this comes to be things will be faster, smaller, lower power, and even cheaper.  

Way to go HP.