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Book Review; Life by Keith Richards

I just finished reading Life by Keith Richards.  Actually, I had Johnny Depp read it to me via Audible.  An truly enjoyable experience even if it was hard to figure out why the voices were changing.  Who knows, Depp may have been doing a little method acting and using while reading.

I am not a giant Rolling Stones guy, in fact the only CD I own is 40 Licks.  But I am close to going out and buying the whole archive after experiencing Keith Richards through this book.  I have a list of real reviews below.  Here are my main take aways from this experience:

  1. Heroes:  Keith Richards has heroes, and lots of them.  He maintained his respect for venerable blues players like Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, and John Lee Hooker even after he eclipsed their accomplishments or discovered they were not all that he thought they would be.  Most any guy who had done what he has would eventually expect the tables to turn, just like another well known guy in the band, and start thinking he was the hero.  Not Keith Richards, at least not by my reading of Life
  2. Music:  Keith Richards loves music.  No way to avoid it in the book.  He cannot live without creating music.  What a passion.  Anyone who is wondering if they should follow their passion (instead of being practical) should read this book and just do what cannot be avoided.  He got to the point were he recreated the guitar as a 5 string instrument.  I am not deep into music, but to me that sounds like unrestrained thinking.
  3. Changing the World:  The Rolling Stones took black music, made in America, and played it back to Americans. These guys did as much for our civil rights movement as anyone.  Anyone.  Just crazy how they were colorblind.  Even more than that, they were sought out the black side of town.

Have a great time with this one.