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New Trade Routes

Every so often there is a big enough change in the way business is done to make evolution look like a revolution.  If we are not in one of those times, it is just around the corner.  

The process of evolution may seem slow and hard to follow.  The thing to remember is that no species actually changes during its lifetime.  The adaptation occurs when the combination of two different sets of DNA create a new set that just happens to be better equipped to compete.

The better equipped being lives to reproduce, the others do not, but a single being does not genetically "adapt".

There are many new companies starting right now that may represent a new way of doing business.  Some will create value and survive, others will not.  The result is surely to include new routes to market.  These new trade routes will illuminate the winners and the losers.

So just like the lost city of Petra pictured here, some once prosperous companies formerly on the main trade routes will be long forgotten.

If you want a quick look at a company that drives the point home -- check out Gnip, and Brad Feld's thoughts about Gnip.

Gnip is Twitter's first authorized reseller.  

This is going to be interesting.