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Hanging Out with Nambia and Bangladesh

In the event you are interested in knowing where we stand on gasoline taxes and the resulting price at the pump, there is a great website that you should check out called NationMaster.  There you can see a chart comparing us to all other nations.

It turns out that in America we pay 77% of the worldwide average price for gasoline.  Sounds pretty good until you look more closely and see who we are hanging out with on the list:

It seems like the weaker the government, the lower the gas price.  Gotta keep the people happy I guess.  All of the way at the bottom are Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, and Turkmenistan.  At the top are Uruguay (who da thunk), the UK, Israel, and Argentina.  They pay 2X the worldwide average, or 3X what we pay.

If they can do it -- why can't we?